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Thursday January 22 2009
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Jo Jo Greenjo 2009-01-21
good luck with the new gym!
SD_Mikey 2009-01-22
That sure looks like functional fitness to me. That place is huge! You could put a grocery store in there.
John Velandra 2009-01-22
Excellence in action!
Allen Y 2009-01-22
How long did it take you to make all those platforms?
garrett stack 2009-01-22
wow looks brilliant
Tom Whalen 2009-01-22
Nice work on the platforms!
Aimee 2009-01-22
We are putting a Trader Joes in the corner. It was functional fitness for Greg. his back is still tight and sore from cutting rubber!

about a day.
Leo S 2009-01-22
Congrats Aimee and Greg.

Nice platforms! Are those 8' long mats? or are the platforms 6'x8'?

I'm looking forward to the same thing in about 8 weeks. Moving, laying, cutting, welding. All like 2 years ago!

Exciting times.
Steve Liberati 2009-01-22
When do you find time to sleep?

Rossi 2009-01-22
Nice work...looks great!!!
Rossi 2009-01-22
Greg and Aimee – Wanted to get your thoughts on the catalyst WOD and improvements in body composition. Long story short is I tried just following the Crossfit WODs but found I wanted to do more Oly-lifts. I ran across your site in Dec and began doing your WODs (started when you began the new 16wk cycle). I’m really enjoying the WODs and I am working out more then I have in 3 years. Before I started following the WODs I didn’t do anything for 3 months (due to work and being lazy) and picked up a couple extra pounds. Losing weight is not a primary goal of mine but wouldn’t mind losing some pounds. I figured just working out consistently and watching my diet (focusing on protein and veggies and watching carbs) would definitely help. My issue is I sometimes feel like I need to do something on rest days or extra after WODs but I know that will lead to burnout or injury. I know this type of training keeps me coming back so I know it is best for me. I’m not sure what type of response I’m looking for…I guess I just wanted to get your opinion and experiences in this area. I appreciate any comments…oh ya breaking up the kipping pull-ups (sets of 3 vs a max on set 1) helped out a lot…thanks! Sorry for the long post.
Brian PCF 2009-01-22
Greg - Get a leaf blower ASAP dude! We were sweeping our place for the first two months and IT SUCKED! Leaf blower does the job in 20 minutes, if you've got a garage door just blow it out.

Also, with cutting rubber matting, get somebody to lift up the start of the cut and it'll stress the rubber enough so that when you cut it'll come right apart on the first go.

Good luck and the place looks great!
Ryan P 2009-01-22
awesome video, great editing! Definitely makes me want to come out and train!
Greg Everett 2009-01-22
Allen - 2 days, but not full days.
Aimee 2009-01-22
we pretty much haven't slept.

all the rubber is completely done. Your idea with the cutting is great! Greg just marks the cut line with a pencil, slides a 2-by-4 under the mat, and cuts along the line. Very effective.

come and train!

the platforms are 8 x 8
Greg Everett 2009-01-22
Brian - Leaf blowers are sweet... for blowing leaves... outside. Inside, with drywall dust, chalk and the like, they just create a lung and eye irritating cloud of shit that slowly settles back down in a new location. Vacuum and mop is the way to go - except with the initial cleans in which the chunks are larger and in greater quantity.... the push broom is king.RE rubber - my problem is being too lazy to change blades often enough - with a fresh blade, it only takes me three passes to get through 3/4 rubber.... with a dull one, it takes 300 or so.
Greg Everett 2009-01-22
Rossi - If you're talking about doing extra work on rest days for the sake of improving body comp, it's not going to do much for you. If you're talking about doing something because you feel the need to move around, that can work if you control yourself - work easy stuff, skills, etc. - no real strength work. Or you can do some easy rowing or sled pulling - something along those lines.In terms of body comp, nutrition will give you the best returns, and you're on the money there - protein, veggies, fat. Eat it and don't worry about much else.
Ian 2009-01-22
Congrats on the new facility. It's awesome to see your operation growing. You provide a great service, and deserve it.
Brian PCF 2009-01-23
Good to know on the leaf blower v. broom, I guess with the smaller particulate that could cause problems.

Rgr on the rubber too.

Either way nice job putting all that together, I would have had to stop for beer breaks every 15 minutes.
Geoff Aucoin 2009-01-26
Wow, nice work! That video would have been funny if it showed the world's fastest Paleo snack break!
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