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Friday January 23 2009
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  • Power snatch + snatch - 80% (or pwr sn) x 3 sets
  • Clean + push jerk + jerk - 70% (of CJ) x 3 sets
3 rounds for time:
600 m row
1 min rest

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Dutch 2009-01-22
It appears that those two like each other, but i know the truth...
Johnny Pain 2009-01-23
Who is that handsome man spotting Nicki?
Robb Wolf 2009-01-23
I can barely stand her...but she has a smoking hot fanny!

We need to keep that stuff on the down=low...
Aimee 2009-01-23
we still have a couple spots for the Seattle Seminar coming up in a couple weeks. If you haven't signed up because you are waiting until the last minute, please do so before we fill up!
Stephan - CF Broward 2009-01-23
PWR SN + SN: 175lb x 3
CLN + PJ + J: 215x3

WOD - 10min Cindy since it was the wod for the gym today...9rnds.

Robb - When are you coming to Florida for a Nutrition Cert?
Greg/Aimee - do yo guys have anything lined up for Florida as well.
Chris Bullard 2009-01-23
PS: 89/111/131/155/165/175(PR)/185/195
PS+S: 155x1x3
Muscle Snatch: 155(PR)
CLN+PJ+J: 155/165x1x3
CLN+FSx3+J: 165
CLN+FSX2+J: 176
CJ: 185/200/215

Yesterday's CFHQ Wod:
50' 45# BB Lunges/21 Burpees, 5rds-10:51
Steve Liberati 2009-01-23

Sn: 135 (felt very light)
CJ: 155 (felt light)

metcon: 8:55 mins
Aimee 2009-01-23
Greg and I have started taking clients this week as the gym is now up and running! The first on-ramp CrossFit classes will start February 2nd, and we have started taking sign-ups. Please contact us to get more information if you are interested in joining in on the very first Catalyst Athletics CrossFit class! All information can be found here
Aimee 2009-01-23
sorry, link didn't work. HERE: http://www.gym.cathletics.com/services/scheduleFees.php
Matt H. 2009-01-23
Sn - 135
C&J - 165

Subbed 200 44# kb swings for Rows = 10:55

...Feeling good, probably cause its Friday and it warmed up so I didn't have to defrost the barbell. Looking forward to some heavy ones tomorrow.
Rossi 2009-01-23
PS + SN - 150 X 3sets
CJ + PJ + J - 185 x sets

MetCon - ran instead of row 10:03
Eric Brandom 2009-01-23
PS+Sn - 180
C+PJ+J - 235
tom a 2009-01-24
PSn + Sn 105
C + PJ + J 155

Row: 1:54/2:11/2:17
Keith Fine 2009-01-24
Man my snatch sucks, I can barely break 100lbs at a body weight of 155lbs.I haven't been training them that long though any tips on gettin my poundage up.
EricB in IL 2009-01-24
PSn + Sn 110 (for some reason failed twice on last sn, got it on 3rd attempt

C + PJ + J 155

Got my first ever pair of lifting shoes yesterday. I can't believe how much of a difference they make.

Phil 4:13
Andrew Wilson 2009-01-28
50kg Power snatch + snatch - 80% (or pwr sn) x 3 sets
55kg Clean + push jerk + jerk - 70% (of CJ) x 3 sets

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