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Saturday January 24 2009
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Aimee 2009-01-23
Don't miss out on the fabulous Dutch!ALSO...Greg and I have started taking clients this week as the gym is now up and running! The first on-ramp CrossFit classes will start February 2nd, and we have started taking sign-ups. Please contact us to get more information if you are interested in joining in on the very first Catalyst Athletics CrossFit class! OR if you are interested in just coming in to get your pump on. All information can be found here: http://www.gym.cathletics.com/services/scheduleFees.php
Keith Fine 2009-01-24
Man my snatch sucks, I can barely break 100lbs at a body weight of 155lbs.I haven't been training them that long though any tips on gettin my poundage up.
Chris Bullard 2009-01-24
Snatch Balance: 95/115/135/155/175-missed x 2,
135/155/165/175/185-missed x2,
155/175/185/195-missed x2,
175/185/195/205/210/215-missed x2
Snatch: 135/155/175/185/185/195/195/200(PR)/205-missed
CJ: 135/165/185/205/225/225/235-missed x 2
Clean: 245/260(PR)
Front Squat: 265/265/280(PR)

Greg-I received your Oly DVD last night. It's awesome. This cycle has been great too. Based on the above, and my recent posts with extra Metcon, I'm obviously overtraining and apologized for not following the program exactly. I continue to achieve PRs, mostly due to improved technique, but plan to back off a lot now. I had great difficulty even reaching my Snatch PR on the Snatch Balance, usually losing it in the frontal plane after a strong catch at the bottom. Any suggestions?
Matt H. 2009-01-24
Sn - 160x1x2
C&J - 225x1x2 + 1 miss
F. Squat - 275x1
Ab Wheel - 3x15

...No missed snatches and hit my goals for the workout. My front squat is stronger at my old gym than my garage gym and I dumped one.
tom a 2009-01-24
Sn 130
C+J 205
FS 270
TGUs 16kg 5 ea, barbell 2 ea. x2

Couple technical misses in the snatch, but felt good otherwise.
Rossi 2009-01-24
SN - 175
C&J - 245
BS (didn't write down wod) - 365
Minh/M/25/5'9/172lb/WY 2009-01-24
Sn: 204x1x2 (1 miss at 199)

C&J: 253x1x2 (2 misses at 253, talking to much inbetween sets)

BS: (also didn't write down wod) 285x1x2

BS: 265x5x1 (starting to get this high bar thing down.)

Speed Bench: 135x3x3, 155x3x3, 175x3x3
Steve Liberati 2009-01-24

CJ: 195
FS: 295

Deadhang leg raises 3x15.

Greg, the loads are getting lighter. Do I increase the weight of the percentages or do I wait to hit a new max effort before increasing them

Sorry in advance if this is a dumb question.

Johnny Pain 2009-01-24
What is this a beefcake site now? Two days in a row of handsome man-ness.
Jason Y. 2009-01-25
SN:135x2 missed
CJ: 165x1x2
FS: 210x1x2

My snatchs are very inconsistent right now, and its kinda getting annoying.
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