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Sunday January 25 2009
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Bo 2009-01-24
Hey Greg -

Ill be having a blood test done soon any parameters I should be asking for?
I was thinking of the following:

Fasting insulin levels
Ratio of triglycerides to HDL
AA/EPA Arachidonic Acid/Eicosapentaenoic acid
Zinc levels
Vitamin D levels (due to winter time)

What should I expect to see when Im eating like this:
100g carbs ~400 kcal = 11,4 %
175g protein ~700 kcal = 19,8%
270g fats ~2430 kcal = 68,8%

and following your routine on this site, trying to gain weight?

Jason Y. 2009-01-25

My Power Snatch is about at 150lbs while my snatch is at 135lbs. However, I have been using 150 for all of my snatch percentages. I am doing this because at the beggining I thought it was just a technique issue, but I am starting to think that I am really just that much weaker in the bottom position. Am I correct in doing this or should I be using 135 for my weights?

What should I be doing to get my snatch higher than my power snatch?

Matt Wichlinski 2009-01-25

i think you should start with working those overhead squats, and snatch balances
Jason Y. 2009-01-25
I figured that was what i needed more of, but where would be a good spot to place more of those when following the CA WOD?
Anton Emery 2009-01-26
Congrats on the new book Scott. Cant wait to check it out.

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