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Thursday January 29 2009
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  • Snatch - 80% x 1 x 3
  • Clean & jerk - 80% x 1 x 3
3 rounds for time:
10 KB swings - 30% BW
10 Sandbag shoulder cleans - 50% BW

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Aimee 2009-01-28
that is an awful picture.
Duke 2009-01-28
My wife was laughing at me last night because she says I "frown" when I lift. It looks like I am not the only one. :(
Al 2009-01-29
Am I missing something or is Thursday usually a rest day?
Minh/M/25/5'9/172lb/WY 2009-01-29

I have a feeling that Saturday might be a max day for everything. That why he is making this a workout day and friday a rest day.
Mike Cundiff 2009-01-29
Sn: 180
CJ: 225
Chris Dunkin 2009-01-29
Greg, what width did you go with on the platform (middle section)? looks less that 4'.

I'm going to start frowning.
scott 2009-01-29
Hey Greg
I'm an avid crossfitter and affiliate owner(Crossfit Phoenix)who wants to improve on my oly skills. I'll be attending an Oly cert in Tucson in Feb. My question; I would love to start doing the wods on your site. Are they geared for Oly lifters or Oly/crossfitters, and since I'm new to oly lifting should I do the wods as rx'd or different. Any suggestions would be helpful.
Awesome site
Scott Pauly
Crossfit Phoenix
Chris Bullard 2009-01-29

Snatch: 160x1x3/170x1x2/180x1x2
C+PJ+J: 190x1x3
P-Snatch: 165x4
F-Squat: 230x1x6
Matt H. 2009-01-29
Sn - 135
C&J - 185
Sandbag and Swings - 8:34

...My sandbags froze.
Greg Everett 2009-01-29
Scott - The WOD here is geared for someone who is primarily focused on weightlifting but wants to maintain a decent base of conditioning. If you want to a pure weightlifting WOD, you can do Burgeners at mikesgym.org - all lifting, no metCon silliness.
Greg Everett 2009-01-29
Chris - 3' 6" - Means you have to use more rubber, but it's so much better. With a full 4' width top sheet, the inside of the bumpers are right along the edge of the wood - you get a lot of bars dropping on the edges and chipping them away. This way is a bit more work and money, but well worth it in my opinion.
Matt Wichlinski 2009-01-29
who needs metcon anyway, its good for nothin...

...crickets before the CF explosion of Glassmanism's.
Rossi 2009-01-30
SN - 150
C&J - 205

MetCon - 4min
ADR 2009-01-31
Snatch - 140# x 1 x 3
Clean & jerk - 185# x 1 x 3

3 rounds for time:
10 KB swings - 50# DB
10 Sandbag shoulder cleans - 100# Sandbag

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