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Friday January 30 2009
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Jeremy Lee 2009-01-30
Hi Greg....where do you get the blue knee supports you have on in the 1-28-09 photo? I looked in your online store and did not see any. Also, is there any detriment to using them? I mainly want them b/c I smash my knees often transitioning from 1st to 2nd pull.

Karin 2009-01-30
I want one... if I could have it delivered and filled too that would be most excellent!
Duke 2009-01-30
Jeremy, I am not sure how much (or if) they would help with knee-smashing, but most folks here seem to prefer Rehband knee sleeves. http://www.dynamic-eleiko.com/
Jeremy 2009-01-30
Thank you Duke.
aimee 2009-01-30
Dynamic eleiko only sells the new sleeves. Greg wears the old rehbands, and I think jackalsgym.com still has some. We ordered a couple back up sets since they are now going extinct. The old ones are a lot thicker than the new ones.
Justin 2009-01-30
What purpose do the knee bands serve?
Matt Wichlinski 2009-01-30
They keep your knees warm and help rebound out of the bottom

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