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Saturday January 31 2009
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Minh/M/25/5'9/173/WY 2009-01-30
Sn:209x1x2 (missed 199 twice)

C&J: 253x1x2 (Missed 253 twice) I tried a wider grip on my clean and it didn't work to well. I hit my knees once, and fell back the other time. I think that the wider grip makes my rack position weak because of awkward elbow arm angle. On the other hand, a wider grip on my jerk made my receiving position a lot more stable.

FrSq: ...295x1 (PR) damn near ran out of juice.
Minh/M/25/5'9/173/WY 2009-01-30

In your last answer to my grip width question you mentioned that you use a pretty wide grip on both your clean and jerks. Just to clarify, what is a wide grip and how do you tell if an athlete is using to wide of a grip?
I use a Ivanko olympic lifting bar with 3 bar marks on each side of the center knurling. When I clean I put my pointer finger on the first ring then I move my pinky to the second ring for jerks. As for Snatches, my pointer finger is on the third ring and wider and my wrist start to ache. Does these grip widths sound normal to you?

P.S. I use bar clips everytime I lift, that is why my posted weight is 1 pound heavier than the standard kilo weight.

mrjling 2009-01-31
Steve Liberati 2009-01-31

Sn: 155
CJ: 205
FS: 295

KP: 30,25, 20
Dead hang raises: 3x10
Rossi 2009-01-31
Sn - 175
CJ - 245
FS - 300

KP: 9,8,8 (learning how to kip...hands hurt)
situps - 3 x 20
Matt H. 2009-01-31
Sn - 160
C+J - 215
F.Squat - 265
KP - 21,12,12 (Not too good at these)
HLR - 6x5 (Not good at these either)

Anyone know any coaches around Dayton, OH? I know Columbus has a weightlifting team and so does Cincinatti, and I may have to arrange a trip one of these coming weekends to get my form critiqued.
ADR 2009-01-31
Snatch - 165# x 1 x 2
Clean & jerk - 205# x 1 x 2 - only 90%...my left wrist is still jacked up
Front squat - 235# x 1 x 2
Kipping pull-ups - 50,25,20 + 5 for pride...Grip was a serious issue
V-ups - 3 x 15
Mike Lum 2009-01-31
Age = 27
BW = 62kg

SN: 70kg
CJ: 90kg
FS: 115kg

KP: 30, 25, 20
Weighted GHD: 3 x 10, +15kg

I just wanted to thank the site for putting up these excellent workouts. I've increased my snatch and clean & jerk by 10kg each since following the sight two months ago. Keep up the excellent work!
Jason Y. 2009-02-01
SN: 125
CJ: 165
FS: 225
Front lever work
Mike Cundiff 2009-02-01
Sn: 170
cj: 225
fs: 275

did a xfit wod after
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