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Sunday February 15 2009
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ken c 2009-02-14
woa. i'll have to put on my thinking cap and read that again.
Joe 2009-02-14
translation into english please.
Kelly Starrett 2009-02-15
And that fault leads to the devil.

PM, you complete me.

Adam Scheiner 2009-02-15

Basically what he is saying is that an over arched lower back (hyper lordic) is just as bad as a rounded back and when over used (over facilitation) will cut off (inhibit) muscle recruitment from the abs and glutes, and your pelvis is left tilted. You want your back to stay neutral so it can recruit the lower back, abs, and butt cheeks at the same time. Take a look at this picture http://pagesperso-orange.fr/jacques.cheneau/lombal1.jpg (wfs). Hyper lordic is C
saulj 2009-02-16
Greg, Thanks for posting this article. I just got some Janda articles from my PT to answer all the questions I had for him. :-) I have been seeing this "anteriorly rotated or anteverted pelvis" pretty often as well. What is interesting is that while this condition, and many others like it, improve faster from manual manipulation (like the article says), there are some pretty simple exercises that can really help (again, he says this in the article).

Joe, this is the most technical part of the article, the rest doesn't require a translation and is pretty helpful. Check it out, worth twice the price! I just got this book "Color Atlas of Human Anatomy: Locomotor System" by Werner Platzer that describes the muscles systems Rampe mentions.
Joe 2009-02-16
Thanks! that helps me understand it.

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