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Tuesday February 17 2009
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  • Muscle snatch - heavy single
  • 2-position clean & 2 jerk (floor, mid-thigh) - 65% (of CJ) x 4 sets
3 rounds for time:
10 KB deadlift high-pulls - 40% BW
15 kipping pull-ups

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keith fine 2009-02-16
is that 40% each KB or combined weight
Greg Everett 2009-02-16
Keith - Use a single KB with both hands.
Andy Robinson 2009-02-17
I'm currently working through my first Bulgarian cycle...my problem is that I'm missing lifts that I would normally nail. For example, today on my Snatches (80%x1x5), I only hit 1 & 5 and walked out #4...Is this common for newcomers to the Bulgarian training cycles?
2LT Barnes 2009-02-17
is that 2 jerks for every clean, 2 jerks from the floor and then 2 jerks from mid thigh or is it 2 jerks after the floor and mid thigh are completed? Thanks
saulj 2009-02-17
Muscle snatch - 50KG
2-position clean & 2 jerk (floor, mid-thigh) - 50KG x 4 sets

Still going light 'til I get my strength back. To quote Greg, "It's almost like when you practice more, you get better."

2LT Barnes: I think it is two cleans then 2 jerks. At least that what it seems like from the exercises section videos.
2LT Barnes 2009-02-17
Thanks that is what i thought but wanted to make sure.
Greg Everett 2009-02-17
Andy - Pretty common. It's a very tough cycle - if you're not used to lifting that heavy that frequently, it will take some time to adjust.
Greg Everett 2009-02-17
2LT Barnes - Clean from the floor; clean from the hang; then do 2 jerks.
Rossi 2009-02-17
Greg - tore a callus today doing kipping pullups...any suggestions? Still have half the callus.

Muscle snatch - 165lbs
2 position clean + 2 jerks - 165 x 4

MetCon - 8:40
Greg Everett 2009-02-17
Rossi - Clip the edges off, sand it smooth as possible, cover in some kind of liquid bandage, and next time hang on tighter to the bar.
Matt H. 2009-02-17
Muscle Snatch:

2 Pos. Clean + 2 Jerks:

5:45 (Subbed 95lb bb sdhp for kb sdhp)

Rossi 2009-02-17
Thanks Greg..
ADR 2009-02-18
Muscle snatch - heavy single - 135#
2-position clean & 2 jerk (floor, mid-thigh) - 65% (of CJ) x 4 sets - 150#

3 rounds for time:
10 KB deadlift high-pulls - 40% BW - 70# Barbell
15 kipping pull-ups


My grip sucks.
Andrew Wilson 2009-02-21

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