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Wednesday February 18 2009
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mark a 2009-02-18
When I see elite Oly lifters it looks like they are bouncing out of the bottom. I can do this with a low bar back squat when my hamstrings are tight, but when doing a front squat i feel like I'm static in the bottom. Is there a common fix for this?
EricB in IL 2009-02-18
Question for Greg or anyone else,

Is there an ideal ratio of one's clean weight to DL weight? I maxed out at 400lbs on DL a couple of weeks ago, and last night for the CF WOD I maxed out at 225 for the clean. Is this a good ratio, or with improved clean technique should my clean weight be higher?

Thanks in advance for your answer.
Greg Everett 2009-02-18
Mark - If you're static/have no hamstring tension in the bottom, you're collapsing down there. Stay tight - just because you're going full depth doesn't mean you can release the tension on your muscles.
Greg Everett 2009-02-18
Eric - Totally depends on what you're training for. If you're a weightlifter, you should expect your clean to be a much higher percentage of your deadlift; if you're a generalist or other athlete, you'll have a larger gap. So for the latter, you're OK. For a weightlifter, I'd want to see that clean a bit higher.
ADR 2009-02-18
Front squat - 78% x 3 x 5 - 195#
Snatch pull - 103% (of snatch) x 3 x 3 - 195#
Rack jerk - heavy single - 205#

For time:
50 m sprint
15 burpees
50 m sprint
10 burpees
50 m sprint
5 burpees


It's raining outside so I changed the 50m run to 3x50ft suicides. Not fun.
Matt H. 2009-02-18
Front Squat:

Snatch Pull:

Rack Jerk:
235x0 ...got a little greedy.

Subbed 60 burpees = 4:49
Chris B 2009-02-18

FS: 225x3x5
SP: 219x3x3
RJ: 260

10-1 65#DB Bench Press/135# Power Clean
Rossi 2009-02-19
FS - 245X3X5
SnPull - 190x3X3
RJ - 245

MetCon: 3:33....lot harder then I expected.
Andrew Wilson 2009-02-24
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