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Thursday February 19 2009
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Happy Birthday Jade!
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Matt Wichlinski 2009-02-18
Sweet video, great work, Aimee

What software are you using to produce your vids? Final cut express? Pro? I'm not happy with the videos i put out yet, partly because i just started doing it, cheap camera($180) and no real experience, but i'm learning...

Greg Everett 2009-02-18
Final cut express - pro doesn't add anything worthwhile to the mix. Interesting stuff. Quit trying to point your elbows backward overhead - point them halfway between backward and down - that's killing your oh position and probably a large contributor to your soft elbow problem.
Natalie 2009-02-19
Happy Birthday Jade! I hope my Dad brings me up to your new house to play. - Natalie
Rob Wilson 2009-02-19
Hi Greg. I'm a CrossFitter in Virginia Beach and I regularly keep up with your website. Fantastic work! I have a question you could maybe help with. I notice with a lot of experienced lifters that they sit way back before initiating the first pull. Does this action actually begin the force production of the lift or is there another purpose?
jade 2009-02-19
Thanks natalie! Tell your dad to bring you in June when your daddy comes to the seminar!
Greg Everett 2009-02-19
Ron -In some cases, that sitting back is just a preparatory position before the lift; in others, it's part of a dynamic start. In the former case, it has no effect on the lift; in the latter, it may have some effect, depending on how it's done.Generally those who use a dynamic start do it for the purpose of either eliciting a stretch-shortening cycle to assist the lift off the floor (this would be the quick versions), or to generate more tension before lift-off by stretching the muscles (this would be the slow versions). However, in some cases, it's simply a weird habit that helps people get into their starting positions better (e.g. AImee Anaya).
Kimmy Bozman 2009-02-19
Happy Birthday, Jade! You are a balance-beam-handstand-superstar! See y'all on Monday. Hubby's coming too. Hope Greg's ready to play. Hugs!
William Gaus 2009-02-19
What brand of racks are those in the background of the video? I need some for my basement :)

Thanks for the help!
Greg Everett 2009-02-19
William - They're the new Werksan racks.
Graeme 2009-02-19
As usual nice training video, you have good editing skills, always good music, super clear picture and tight editing :).
William Gaus 2009-02-20
Thanks for the info!
Derek 2009-02-21
Not sure if you're checking this comment page, but what's the album name for the track on this video?
Thanks for the help
Greg Everett 2009-02-21
Derek -Not sure - Someone gave me a burned CD of it from almost 10 yrs ago.
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