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Friday February 20 2009
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  • 2-position snatch - 65% x 3 sets
  • Overhead squat - heavy single
For time:
600 m row
20 kipping pull-ups
500 m row
15 kipping pull-ups
400 m row
10 kipping pull-ups
300 m row
5 kipping pull-ups

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Rossi 2009-02-19
Greg and Aimee - any suggestions for sub for rows?
Greg Everett 2009-02-19
Rossi - You can run the equivalent distances, or in a pinch, jump rope. For jump ropes, approximate it by doing the number of meters / 5 for the number of jumps. Not super accurate, but good enough.
Rossi 2009-02-19
David Ogilbee 2009-02-20
Greg -
I remember reading crossfit advocating SDHP (sumo deadlift high-pulls) with an empty bar in place of rows, something to the tune of 10 reps per 100m. Any thoughts on this?
Greg Everett 2009-02-20
David - It's a similar enough movement, but the problem is loading - even with the lightest bar, you're still squatting every time, which is a lot more resistance that you get with even the hardest rower setting. So I much prefer just using a different monostructural exercise like running, cycling or rope jumping.
Matt H. 2009-02-20
2 Pos Snatch:

OH Squat:

Subbed 10 kb swings/100 m row and forgot to time.

...My left shoulder has been bothering me for awhile. I've felt and can visibly see a little protrusion on it that isn't there on the right. I have an appointment w/ the orthopedist Thurs. and will be trying to take it easy for the next week, which may or may not happen.
Rossi 2009-02-20
2 position snatch - 125 x 3
OHS - 225

Metcon - 20min...hands are torn up and I'm not very good at kipping...but I did it as rxd.
Matt Wichlinski 2009-02-20
I subbed sdhp for rows a few years back for a long rowing wod, i got so sore and sick I was unable to do anything for about four days. I wasn't exactly out of shape either. you want to beat the crap out of yourself, try sdhp that damn bar for a few hundred reps, with a few hundred thrusters...

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