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Tuesday February 24 2009
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Kimmy in excellent snatch pulling posture
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Robb Wolf 2009-02-24
Yeow!! Looking good girl!!
Mike Cundiff 2009-02-24

I've been playing around with the split snatch a lot lately and feel much stronger using this technique. My questions are: What are the pros and cons of training this lift, and should it be avoided? I tend to split with my left foot forward each time. Should I alternate the split?

Also, is the split snatch illegal in competition?


Greg Everett 2009-02-24
Mike - Splitting is a last resort when there are irresolvable flexibility issues. If that's the case, keep doing it. If it's simply because you're not yet very strong and stable in an overhead squat, you need to get stronger and more stable in an overhead squat.Cons - You have to elevate the bar higher and move the feet more quickly. If you split only with one leg, you can develop some significant strength and flexibility imbalances that lead to pelvic rotation and weirdness in the hips and back. Pro - works around severe shoulder and upper back inflexibility.That's pretty much the deal.It's completely legal in competition - you just have to watch for knee touch on the platform, which is not allowed.
ADR 2009-02-24
2-position Muscle snatch (floor, mid-thigh) - 65% x 3 sets - 95#
Clean & jerk - 70% x 1 x 3 - 165#

3 rounds for time of:
6 sandbag shoulder + 2 lunge (3 to each shoulder) - 50% BW - 100#
15 kipping pull-ups

Matt H. 2009-02-24
2 Pos. M. Snatch: 115x1x3
C+J: 160x1x3
Metcon: Forgot to Stop Timer ~11 min
2LT Barnes 2009-02-24

2 Position Snatch - 115#
Clean & Jerk - 185
MetCon - 7:33

Andrew Wilson 2009-03-01
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