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Thursday February 26 2009
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Adam Scheiner 2009-02-25
Sweet video, whenever I think of crossfit women I immediately think of the pixies. They're the perfect analogy. Can play as hard as the guys, but still absolutely feminine.

Jolie's BFK is beautiful, but what's with the shoulders flaring out on the push-ups? Old habit?

jolie 2009-02-26
I had no idea my shoulders flared. I hate and totally suck at pushups. Aimee, that pic is super hot!
Kimmy Bozman 2009-02-26
...Ugh, and push ups never get easier. Aimee is always super hot! You ladeezzz are my inspiration xoxo :)! (Ooops,you too, Greg;)
Adam Scheiner 2009-02-26
So I'm an idiot I was thinking of the Yea Yea Yeas when I wrote they were the perfect analogy, BUT that still makes me a moron because both of those band have guys in them. The Donna's would have been what I was thinking, except for the fact that they kind of suck. I'm rambling wayyyyy too much on the Internets....
Whatever, my point is, keep on kicking ass ladies(cf women and Oly women)
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