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Saturday February 28 2009
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ADR 2009-02-27
Snatch - heavy single - 165# - about 94% of my max
Clean & jerk - heavy single - 205# - about 89% of my max
Front squat - heavy single - 245# - matched my PR
Good morning - light/med x 10 x 3 - 95# - heavier than it should be
Ab wheel - 3 x 15
ec 2009-02-28
sn - 135# (~98%), 140(f) x 3. so close!
c&j - 160# (~96%), 165(f)
fs - 165# (5# pr, finally). 170(f).

Greg 2009-02-28
Greg, you often put up "ab workout of your choice" on the workouts and I was wondering what ab workouts are thought of as the most popular and effective within the oly-lift community? Thanks in advance.
Greg Everett 2009-02-28
Greg - I just think of ab work into utilitarian categories and try to hit everything regularly. You can break up static and dynamic; lateral flexion, flexion, rotation; trunk flexion, hip flexion, combo flexion; and then of course you can work with less resistance and more volume (or time), or more resistance and less volume.I don't like excessive hip flexor work, but you definitely need some. So I like GHD sit-ups (primarily weighted), hanging leg raises/knees to elbows, roll-outs and the like, but balanced with things like planks of all variations, and yes, even the dreaded CRUNCH - with weight.
Andrew Wilson 2009-03-05
87.5 1/0
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