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Monday March 23 2009
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Andy Robinson 2009-03-23
Question about Metcon from Feb. 24th...For the 6 sandbag clean to shoulder + 2 lunges, is that a total of 12 lunges per round or just 2 after completing the 6 cleans?
Dutch 2009-03-23
I'm glad to see you getting some coaching.
Robb Wolf 2009-03-23
We miss you dude!! Now quit letting the bar crash on you!
COS 2009-03-23


Sn 155 X 1 (3rd attempt)
CJ 225 X 1 X 2

ran out of time
David Ogilbee 2009-03-23
Just a question to go along with the observations made on the clean. Regarding the foot positioning: Steve, do you have any sort of "pigeon toes" in your natural standing position? Reason I ask is your position on the clean is really similar to my own. I've recently been adjusting, trying to find more optimal positions for my size and my natural inclination is a lot like what's shown. Any thoughts Greg?

By the way, digging the Cap. America outfit Steve! I need to show up at my gym one day in full Punisher garb...
Greg Everett 2009-03-23
Andy - 2 lunges per clean
Greg Everett 2009-03-23
David - I don't think Steve's foot position is too toed-out at all - If the thighs and foot are about parallel, and when viewed from the front of the toe, the knee is above the foot, all is well as far as I'm concerned. How much the hips are open will depend on indviduals' flexibility/anatomy, so they need to use whatever will allow them a deep/solid bottom position.
Jeff J 2009-03-23
As a lifter who also has problems with the bar crashing down on me, are there are there any coaching cues that I could focus on or variations of the lifts that I could implement to help eliminate this problem? Thanks!
Greg Everett 2009-03-23
Jeff - During the turnover, bring your elbows up and to the sides as you're pulling down, and then really pull back with the shoulder blades as you bring the elbows around the bar. This will help pull the bar into your shoulders and keep you close. You can try power clean + clean complexes to get that sense of meeting the bar, and tall and hang cleans to somewhat isolate the turnover.
Rutman 2009-03-24
Crashing hurts like he$$. I had a bad case of timing a few years back and could not even have a shirt collar button touching my clavicle. I really like those cover photos. Did I make the wall? Don't tell me I'm in the toilet.
ADR 2009-03-24
Snatch - 95% x 1 - 165#
Clean & jerk - 90% x 1 x 2 - 205#, 210#
Front squat - 90% x 2 x 2 - 230#
Martin 2009-03-24
Steve Pan is 85 kilos of twisted steel and tiger piss! His veins pump battery acid and he breathes fire!
Jeff J 2009-03-24
Thanks Greg!
Aimee 2009-03-25
your in the ladies room ;)
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