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Monday March 30 2009
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COS 2009-03-30


Sn 155 x 1 (+1 OHS for extra practice)
CJ 225 X 1 (245 2f)

Ran out of time.

I need to learn how to budget time and move through the workouts a little quicker.
COS 2009-03-30

Hey Greg--quick question.

My numbers on the Snatch and C&J seem to be stalling and I know it is because my OHS and Front Squat are not great. Pulling never poses a problem whatsoever, in fact I can Power Cl 275# and my 1rm for Sq Cl is only about 250 right now. My power snatch is also as strong as my full. Would you suggest focusing primarily on OHS and FS's for a few weeks and just do full lifts as a secondary part of my workout? Also since my pulling power seems to be relatively strong (considering no formal coaching ever or any Oly experience until a couple months ago), would you recommend trying to develop a split clean?

Thanks for your time!

P.S. Your book is awesome so far. I'm only about 1/3rd of the way through it but I've already learned a ton.
Greg Everett 2009-03-30
COS - Only reason to split is if you're inflexible beyond hope. Quit power snatching/cleaning so much, work more receiving position strength, and spend more time doing the full lifts.
Poi Dog 2009-03-30

Sn 160lbs x1
C&J 225.5lbs x1
Fs 245lbsx1, 200x1x2

front 2 mins
side 1 min each side
COS 2009-03-30

Will do--thanks!
Rossi 2009-03-30
Sn - 185 x 1
C&J - 230 x 1
FS - 315, 250X1X2

Did our gyms MetCon: 9:50
4rds of 95lb hang power clean + 20 pushups + 150 FC (jump rope)
B.Law 2009-03-31
When coach prescribes this workout is it:

1 Front Plank + 1 side + 1 other side = 3

1 Front Plank + 1 side + 1 other side
1 Front Plank + 1 side + 1 other side
1 Front Plank + 1 side + 1 other side
equals 3.
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