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Wednesday April 1 2009
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COS 2009-04-01


Sn 145 x 1 x 3
CJ 205 x 1 x 3
Poi Dog 2009-04-01
Hey Greg
I've just completed my first full week of w.o.d.s of this site, wrists are a "little" sore. Is this totally normal, for someone new to this mode of training? Should I back off a little in volume/or intensity, or full steam ahead and ice, ice, baby.

Greg Everett 2009-04-01
Poi Dog - If they're a little sore, yes, ice and keep going. If they're really hurting, keep icing, and back off the overhead volume (and clean/FS volume if that's a problem). Do a ton of wrist/forearm stretching/mobility work throughout the day as well. Some joint discomfort is normal - with a smart approach, it should subside after a couple weeks.
Matt Wichlinski 2009-04-01
Just wondering about the mats because the best value I'm finding is the local feed and tack stores which have 4x6 mats for $38.00. I'm assuming just cut and glue where applicable to fit the 8' platforms? I'm guessing i don't want any screws in the mats anywhere near the middle third of the platform? Any more logical suggestions on getting cheap mats?

I've been acquiring some basic tools necessary to start up my own operation, i need to move out on my own to get away from the rats that train in my current facility. On a basic level, what do you think are the most important pieces for a new kick ass joint? I currently have:

2 decent oly bars (Pendlay HD & York) + 4 shit bars (Craig's list)
@ 600# of bumps
@1000# iron plates
12 pair of db's from 10-100#'s
getting a C2
have an Airdyne, which i love and don't care what anyone thinks
a few med balls(homemade)
pull up bars
5 sand bags from 20-100#
plyo boxes
a few bands and chains

i know i could kick ass with much less, but does anyone recommend something i'm missing or have feelings about things that are more or less important?


Poi Dog 2009-04-01

Snatch - 80% x 1 x 3 (136lbs)
Clean & jerk - 80% x 1 x 2(192lbs)

Knees to elbows - 3 x 20
For time:
500 m row
1 min rest
350 m row
45 sec rest
200 m row

5mins 9 sec
Max 2009-04-01
I have been doing the WODs for about a month now, and have seen great improvement in my weightlifting form and strength. I just subscribed to the newsletter and had a few questions regarding the programming. If these are newb questions, i apologize.

First off, the volume seems to be quite low compared to other weightlifting programs i have seen and compared from different sites online, i am assuming this is for a reason, but want to make sure.

Secondly, and in reference to question 1, is this to allow extra skill work for focus on weak areas for the athlete. Gymnastics, supplemental weightlifting movements, additional GPP for the under conditioned, etc. Or is this simply to promote recoverability for other WODs later in the week.

I dont feel "under trained" by any stretch of the imagination, but as mentioned earlier, the volume is low compared to other programs i have looked into.

Either way, the website and performance menu journal are top notch, and the availability to ask questions like this and have them answered in a speedy fashion is more helpful than you could ever imagine for someone starting off in all this. Thanks a million, keep up the awesome work.

Phil 2009-04-01
Hey Greg -

I've got a question about all this 80% work. I can power snatch and clean 80% of my maxes pretty easily...so should I power these or should I work on my technique and squat them?

Greg Everett 2009-04-01
Max - There are definitely higher-volume programming approaches out there, but there are also lower volume approaches. I'd say this is pretty middle-of-the-road - at least considering that it's meant to accommodate 2-3 days of conditioning work in addition to the OL training. Also, I'd argue that many of the higher volume programs are too high.
Greg Everett 2009-04-01
Phil - Snatch it. You should be able to power snatch 80% and even a bit more of your snatch, but not so easily that you can do multiple sets/reps with it. This suggests to me that your snatch is limited by flexibility and/or strength in the receiving position, and that being the case, you need more work on that than you do on the pull - so power snatching is going to exacerbate the problem.
Phil 2009-04-01
Thanks Greg.

I've only been seriously oly lifting for about 1.5 months now, so I'm definitely still limited by technique rather than strength.

I'm gonna come check out Catalyst on saturday...I'm stoked.
Max 2009-04-01
Thanks for the quick response Greg. Any opinions on throwing in extra gymnastics skill work on the days sans metcon? I am not overly capable in the area, but it seems like a good option for maintaining/improving body control and flexibility in certain areas to accompany all the extra strength i am gaining with the weightlifting program. Just the basics, muscle ups, handstands, mostly ring work, with leaps/jumps, and id like to learn a back flip.

I am really just concerned about over training and recoverability.
Greg Everett 2009-04-01
Max -It's pretty easy to overdo it when throwing in gymnastic work - keep the volume really low, and pay close attention to how your recovery is going.
Max 2009-04-01
What I suspected, thanks for the help
Greg Everett 2009-04-02
Matt - $38/mat is a good deal. Do it. I screw only the 4 corners of mine - if you're using smaller sections, glue would be better so you don't have screws in the way as you said, but you can counter sink screws pretty deep into 3/4" mat and not have a problem.What about a squat rack, or a power rack? If you only have room for 1, do a power rack - more options. I'd also grab a couple of big KBs - I like the Aders, and they're dirt cheap. Maybe 24, 32, 40 kg. Otherwise, sounds like a respectable joint.
Matt Wichlinski 2009-04-02
I do have a power rack, a squat rack and soon will have jerk blocks, i was wondering the best way to get this done, thank you sir! I do have two KB's, but only a 35 and a 55, i know i need more, but they are on the pricy side so they took a back seat for a while, I'll check the Ader's, thanks. Just today i put my name on a list for a storage unit they are building that will be ready July 1st. They are 20'x44' with 20' ceilings for only $400/month! I'm pumped, thanks for the feedback.
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