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Thursday April 2 2009
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  • Snatch - 70% x 1 x 4
  • Clean & jerk - 70% x 1 x 3
  • Planks - front/lateral - 80% of Monday's times

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Jason 2009-04-02
Would you recommend this program for a full-time lifter? Perhaps with a few alterations?

Numbers (in kg):

Sn 110
CJ 140
BS 190
FS 160

77 kg BW
Greg Everett 2009-04-02
Jason - Not really - It's meant to be a combo of lifting and minimal conditioning. For a full-time lifter, I'd want to get rid of the conditioning, which would mean I could throw in more lifting. You'd be better served by Coach Burgener's WOD - www.mikesgym.org.
Poi Dog 2009-04-02
Sn 1x4 120lbs (70%)
C&J 1x3 170lbs(70%)

Was good on the wrists to go a little lighter. Thanks for the advice Greg.

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