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Tuesday April 14 2009
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Robb Wolf 2009-04-13
Ben- Australian for Bad-ass!
BK 2009-04-13
Robb! Thanx mate.
Aimee, Thanx so much for your support and guidance while Janet and I were there , I really appreciate it. Not knowing what the hell I was lifting certainly helped...your place is off the chain, we love it.
The weekend spent with you along with Greg,Robb and Nikki was sensational, I can't tell you how much we respect you and cherish you as good mates.

Mike Cundiff 2009-04-14
MS + 2 Sn bal: 145 (had problems with the Sn balance)
OHS: 165 x 1, 135 2 x 2
PC + PJ: 215 1 x 5

Did not have time for the MetCon.
Alex 2009-04-14
* Muscle snatch + 2 snatch balance - take to heaviest MS possible @ 132#

* Overhead squat - 80% x 1; 65% x 2 x 2 @ 175#, 135#

* Power clean + push jerk - 80% (of PC) x 1 x 4 @ 185

Metcon in 9:45.

2nd week back after recovering from surgery and being sick. I am very much enjoying the programming so far!
saulj 2009-04-14
Did a mash-up of Monday and Tuesday (all weights in KG):

MSn + 2 Sn Bal - 50
Sn - 50, 55, 60
Snatch pull - 65 x 3 x 2
Snatch deadlift - 65 x 3 x 2
Power clean + push jerk - 70 x 1 x 4
Jonathan Dunn 2009-04-14
MS + 2 Sn Balance: up to 125 (worked up slowly from just the bar... too many sets, but I need to grease my groves).

OHS: 135 x1, 115 x2 x2.

PC + PJ: 155 x1x4.

Close grip BP: 135 x10, 9 (2 sec pause at bottom).

BBL Curls: 95 x8,6.

MetCon: I'm too embarrassed to post. 3 months with no metcons has killed my fitness!

Greg, what can I do to speed up the stability of my shoulder girdle (the OHS really pointed out a weakness today)? I will be practicing ohs with my pvc, doing shoulder dislocates, wall slides and rotator cuff exercises, but i really need a lot more core shoulder stability/ strength. Thank you!
Warren Ruppart 2009-04-14

Muscle Snatch: 135, 1 snatch balance, failed on second.

OHS: 125 x 1, 100 x 2 x 2.

PC + PJ: 165 x 1 x 4.

Had to modify metcon (sandbags in use...). 21-15-9 of: kipping pull-ups, wall balls (20# ball/10' target), kettle bell swings (1.5 pood/53#). Time: 5:45

Hmmm. I can muscle snatch almost as much as I can snatch. Guess I know what I need to work on!
Greg Everett 2009-04-16
Jonathan - Just keep up with the OHS and all pressing variations along with the mobility work.
JonGB 2009-04-20
Muscle snatch + 2 snatch balance - take to heaviest MS possible
95, 115, 135 (form was questionable on this one...)

Overhead squat - 80% x 1; 185
65% x 2 x 2 135

Power clean + push jerk - 80% (of PC) x 1 x 4 155

3 rounds for time of:
10 sandbag Turkish get-ups (bag on shoulder) - 30% BW
20 kipping pull-ups

Had to use a 1.5pood KB, made it awkward, that's my excuse: 10:48
Brett 2009-05-27
Muscle Snatch + 2 Snatch Balance to heavy

65, 85, 105, 125, 135# (missed 2nd snatch balance and redid both), 145# - felt like my knees were drifting forward on the landing of the first few snatch balances

OHS @ 165# x 1
OHS @ 135# x 2 x 2 (felt light)

Power Clean & Push Jerk @ 189#, 4 sets of 1 (didn't feel stable overhead on first, but got better)

Wrists and right elbow felt a bit beat up afterward

Will hit the met-con this afternoon, but have no sandbag and don't usually do TGU in met-cons... Am thinking of 30 air squats and 10 clapping push-ups with the 20 pull-ups each round in the park.

Question: This workout called for power clean and push jerk. The next one just says clean & jerk. Does this automatically imply a full squat clean and a split jerk?
Brett 2009-05-27
Forgot to say - Thank you very much for answering my questions yesterday, Greg.
Greg Everett 2009-05-27
Brett - "Clean" with no qualifier indicates a lift from the floor and received in a squat. "Jerk" with no qualifier indicates the athlete's chosen jerk style for maximal weight; this should be a split jerk 99.9% of the time.
Brett 2009-05-27
Met-con done at the Y after work.
Rowed 500m in 1'36" then eased pace for another 1'30"
DROM stretching

3 Rounds
10 Chest clap push-ups
20 Chest to Bar Pull-ups (kipped)
30 Air Squats

1st round was okay, finished in just over a minute, then... I don't know... lactate threshold?.. My heart was pounding out of my chest, but I should be used to that. Got plenty of funny looks.

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