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Thursday April 16 2009
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Jonathan Dunn 2009-04-16
Pressed for time tonight, so:

Jerk - worked up to 185# in 20# increments from 45#
2-position snatch (floor, mid-thigh) - 95 x2
2-position clean (floor, mid-thigh) - 125 x2

Metcon: 4 rounds for time of 300m run + 5 push press @ 125#: 8:07. Slow. I will put a barbell behind the treadmill next time.... ran/walked too far between movements.
Aimee 2009-04-16
any crossfitter and/or trainer who doesn't use Rut as a resource should get on that quick. he, his goods, and his wealth of knowledge are invaluable.
stew douglas 2009-04-16
Jerk - heavy single to 225(pr) then 1x3 @185#
2 position snatch - 3x95#
2 position clean - 3x135#

metcon:3 rounds
10 burpies
5 pullups
5 push press @135#

time: 7:04
Warren Ruppart 2009-04-16

Jerk--worked to 205, then three sets at 165.
2-pos snatch--95#, three sets
2-pos clean--135#, three sets

Metcon: as RX'd, 145# for PP--6:01.

3 x 15 kipping pull ups
3 x 20 GHD sit-ups.
Alex 2009-04-18
* Jerk - heavy single; 80% of that x 1 x 3 @ 205
* 2-position snatch (floor, mid-thigh) - 60% x 3 sets @ 135
* 2-position clean (floor, mid-thigh) - 60% x 3 sets @ 185

4 rounds for time of:
300 m row
5 push press - 75% @ 135# in 7:30
JonGB 2009-04-22
Jerk - heavy single; 80% of that x 1 x 3
HS-215, then 170x3
2-position snatch (floor, mid-thigh) - 60% x 3 sets
2-position clean (floor, mid-thigh) - 60% x 3 sets

4 rounds for time of:
300 m row
5 push press - 75%

Brett 2009-05-29
Ready for a rest day. Very glad it's tomorrow. Right trap and shoulder, entire mid-back (between scapula) all a bit sore and tight. Right elbow achy (will ice today).

Practiced handstand and a few HSPU to get warm after jog and DROM.

Jerk (all split)
Heavy Single
45 x 3
75 x 3
145# x 2
189# x 1
209# x 1
219# missed first attempt (didn't drive under fast or far enough)
219# x 1 Nailed it!
229# x 1 a 4# PR

80% @ 185# x 1 x 3
All felt solid

2 Pos Snatch 60% @ 110# x 1 x 3
First 2 were good. Missed 3rd from floor. I don't think I stayed over the bar long enough, lost it forward on the landing. Re-did and got the 3rd two with so-so tech.

2 Pos Clean 60% @ 145# x 1 x 3
All felt really good. Concentrated on "jump and land" and didn't forget to squat this time. On landing hang clean, I felt like the bar met me high in my squat (chin, not shoulders).

Question - Can I correct this by squatting less to meet the bar and then completing the squat portion of the clean? I'll try to get some video up soon.

4 rounds for time
300 m row
5 push press 75% @ 119#

First row in 1'36"/500m split pace. Kept all rows under 1'45".
No rack - power cleaned up bar and did 5s unbroken. Nipped the tip of my nose on the way up on first PP, but kept moving.

6'33" total, feel like I just rowed a sub 7 2k.
Greg Everett 2009-05-29
Brett - Yes - You have to bring the bar to you and you to the bar. If it's crashing on you, you're dropping out from under it.
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