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Tuesday April 21 2009
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Edward 2009-04-21
With heavy singles, do we just work our way up to weight that is challenging, but not quiet a 1 rep max?

And with the Power Snatch, is that 80% of our 1 rep max, for 1 set of 4 reps, or 1 rep of 4 sets?

Andrew Makely 2009-04-21
30 years old 198lbs 5'10"
OHS-have done alot specifically so didn't no where to start or how fast to increase wight
130,150,160,170,175,180,190,200 stopped (but got it!)

muscle snatch
100,110,120,130,140,145,150 What does it tell you that I muscle snatched 20lbs of my best snatch? (I need work)

pwr snatch
after muscle snatching 150 I could'nt back down to 136 (80% of 170) 155x4

metcon as rx'd 7:50

Edward check out the info tab above the wod, it will answer your questions.
Dirka Dirka 2009-04-21
I feel soooo sorry for you this weekend. It's going to be a mad house!
COS 2009-04-21


OHS: 200# PR (x2)
Musc Sn: 135
Pw Sn: 135,145,155,165

Finally hit 200# on OHS and I felt so good after the first one so I kept it overhead and did another. Felt good to PR.
stew douglas 2009-04-21

OHS-heavy single - 175# (pr)
Muscle snatch-heavy single - 125#
Power snatch - 115# x 4

metcon - 6:42 - jello legs, rubber arms.
Jonathan 2009-04-21
OHS: up to 145#
Muscle Snatch: up to 135
Power Snatch: 125 x1 x4

Metcon: 3 rds for time of 100m sprint + 10 broad jumps + 10 dips + 10 KPU: 5:54
Warren Ruppart 2009-04-21

OHS--175# (new PR)
Muscle Snatch--145 #
Power Snatch--135 x 1 x 4

Metcon: 6:20

wow...that metcon was fun...fun like Fran...
Alex 2009-04-22
OHS: 205#
Muscle Snatch - 145
Power Snatch - 140 x 1 x 4

Metcon: Changed things up because of rain. Did 3 Rounds 150M Row, 10 Chest to Bar Pullups, 250# Deadlifts 12-9-6 in 7:30.
JonGB 2009-04-28
Overhead squat - 45, 95x3, 135x2, 155, 175x2
Muscle snatch - 95, 115, 135
Power snatch - 95x4

3 rounds for time of:
100 m sprint
10 broad jumps
20 kipping pull-ups

Ed Flood 2009-05-28
OHS: up to 65.5kg, fail at 68 (think I managed to stand up before I lost stability.

MS: up to 58kg

PS: 50.5kg

Metcon: 7.04 (feckin' treadmills)
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