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Saturday April 25 2009
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Jonathan 2009-04-25
Sn: 135 x1, failed at 140. Feet are slow today.
C&J: 185x1 without too much difficulty.
BS: 315 x1
Stiff legged DL: 230 x3, 320 x3x3
Calf press calf raise: 500 x12
3 rds for time: 10 burpees + 10 KPU: 3:16
Alex 2009-04-25
149 on the snatch. I caught it in a full squat, which is a first at the weight. Form is getting better.

C&J, 192. Not much in the tank here. Still pulling too early.
BS; decided to start high barring it again. Worked up to 302#.

Metcon in 2:37.
shawn 2009-04-25
snatch 100kgx1 100%
c&j 120kgx1 90%
f.sqt 145kgx1 95%

metcon: 10 burpee 20 kipps 3rds 1min rest btwn rds
21 kb swings 12 ring dips 3rds

beach work: rows 3x8 + skullcrushers 8-6-4
Steve O 2009-04-25
I want to start the training, should I just jump in on week 3 on Monday or should go back and start at week 1?

Steve O
Niko 2009-04-25
After 6 months off, I am back on training. I was doing CF before and I found this site and I want to give a try for a cycle and will see...

Snatch: 110
C&J: 165

Metcon: 2min 13
stew douglas 2009-04-25
Snatch - 155#(pr)
C&J - 215#
Back squat (hb) - 295#
Stiff leg DL - 255#x3x5

Metcon - 3:46
Warren Ruppart 2009-04-25

Snatch--145# (PR-woohoo!)
C&J--215# (PR--wow, that felt good!)
BS (high bar)--245# (lower back not happy with any more...)
Stiff Leg DL--325# (bar only down to knees, sharp right hip pain if lower)

Metcon: 3:30 (man I suck at burpees. I blame the long distance I have to travel =:^).

GHD SU: 30-24-18, 1 min rest between
kipping pull-up: 2x12 (practice)
pushups: 2x15

Mixed bag today. good news: two new PRs! bad news: I'm apparently getting old and falling apart. Oh, and I still suck at burpees (not really a suprise). My dad warned me this would happen about the time my oldest daughter hit puberty. The only part of his prophecy left to be fulfilled is to have my hair fall out...

Greg and Aimee--thanks for all the work putting the WODs together. The sandbag clean workout on Thursday actually taught me a lot about speed getting under the bar (even if it sucked!). I think it really helped me today.

Happy rest day, everyone!

Aimee 2009-04-25
You're so welcome!

Go back and start week 1! that would be best.
Steve O 2009-04-25
Thanks Aimee
shawn 2009-04-26

A big LOL...My son was born 18 mos. ago. Wow what a change. Training has never been the same...SLEEP...What is that? Hair? Leaving me at a sub-rapid pace. Oh well fatherhood is awesome. Keep it up!!

Greg & Aimee- for the first time in my training career I am following somebody else's advice. No more stressing about programming, I just click onto this site, do what I feel is necessary for the day, and has made training enjoyable again.

JonGB 2009-05-03
Snatch - 135, 145 (bad form, but got it, PR?)
Clean & jerk - 185, not feeling it
Back squat - 255, not feeling it
Stiff-legged deadlift - 3 x 5 185, leg/back still tight

3 rounds for time:
10 burpees
10 kipping pull-ups

Tim 3:12
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