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Tuesday April 28 2009
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  • Muscle snatch - heavy single
  • Snatch balance - heavy single

3 rounds for time of:
8 DB push press - 30% BW each
12 kipping pull-ups
16 KB swings - 40% BW

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Load 2009-04-28
When it says: 8 DB press 30% BW each, doeas it mean one DB in each hand with 30% DB on each of them. Or do you use just one DB and do 8 reps with each arm? I'm sorry but i'm a little confused.
Andrew Makely 2009-04-28
Looks like a dumbell in each hand that is 30% of your bw each to me.
Andrew Makely 2009-04-28
muscle snatch up to 150
snatch balance 150 I can't pull myself under the bar very well, irratating! I can snatch push press more wieight.

Metcon with 56lbs kb (biggest I have) and 2-60lbs db's
7:25 my conditioning needs much improvement
Aimee 2009-04-28
Load- Yes. One DB in each hand. So say if 30% of your body weight is 35#, you would put a 35# DB in each hand.
stew douglas 2009-04-28
muscle snatch - 60kg
snatch balance - 45kg (yes, this needs work)

Metcon - 9:25

8 DB push press - 60#/side
12 kipping pullups
16 75# DB swings

Wow, those DB swings at 75# really took the life out of me!
shawn 2009-04-28
pwr.snatch - 90kg (deviated from program, had not tested 1 rm in sometime)
snatch bal.- 3x1 80kg (this movement always bugs my shoulders, kept it light)

8 DB PP -65's
12 kipps
16 kb swings 32kg
3rds: rested 1min. btwn rds (still pretty taxing even w/ rest)
Cory 2009-04-28
Can I use a dumbbell as substitute for KB?
alex 2009-04-28
132 for muscle snatch
162 for snatch balance

7:07 metcon as rx'd
Alex 2009-04-28
Forgot to say all Pullups were chest to bar
Jonathan 2009-04-28
MS: 135 (a PR, albeit sad, for me).
Sn Balance: up to 130 (still sad...I lose aggressiveness after about 115 and start slowing down).

3 rounds for time: 60# DB Push Press (each hand) x8 + 12 KPU + 80# DB Swings x16: 5:34. Ouch. It has been an hour since I finished my WOD. I am still sweating! This even after the contrast showers for 12 minutes.
Jesse Woody 2009-04-28
After spraining my wrist almost a month ago, I'm finally back...sooo glad!

Muscle Snatch 145#
Snatch Balance 205#

Ran out of time for the metcon
Load 2009-05-04
Thanks for the help!
JonGB 2009-05-05
Muscle snatch - heavy single -135
Snatch balance - heavy single -135

3 rounds for time of:
8 DB push press - 60lb each hand
12 kipping pull-ups
16 KB swings - 80lb DB
9:55 and smoked...

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