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Wednesday April 29 2009
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Kenny Fucking Powers 2009-04-28
irongarm is legit.

HC 2009-04-29
Having an issue with throbbing pain in the back of my head during some workouts, i felt it yesterday during the WOD. Was fine until i hit the KB swing. Any thoughts? First time it happened was monday during a deadlift workout. Read something called, "exercise induced headache"...
Justin VanBeek 2009-04-29
Snatch Work Today

Muscle Snatch MAX - got up to 167 and missed

Power Snatch - Rest Week- 80% for 3X1 (185 lbs)

Front Squat - 2,1,2,1,2,1 - Missed 270 for a double twice, but got 280 for the last set of 1

RDLS - 305 X 5
Rope Climbs - 3 trips

shawn 2009-04-29
pwr.sn+sn 50kg/50% 55kg/55% 60kg/60%
clean pull 3x3 123kg 95%
clean dead 3x1 140kg 107%
f.sqt 3x2 81% 120kg
Jonathan 2009-04-29
BS: up to 245 x3
Power SN + Snatch: 75 x2; 85x2; 95 x3
Cl Pull: 225 x3 x3
Cl DL: 325 x3 x3
Weighted GHDSU: 60# x 10 x3
Greg Everett 2009-04-29
HC - I'm definitely not an expert, so what little I know is pretty basic stuff - warm-up well, make sure you're drinking enough water before and during training, and pay attention to your breath-holding. On the breath-holding, if you're holding to the point of severe dome pressure, start releasing a bit during the highest-pressure positions (just a bit - just enough to release some pressure without causing you to collapse). Otherwise, talk to a doc and make sure you don't have a melon tumor or anything serious.
Matt H. 2009-04-29
HC -

I've suffered from a bout of exertional headaches in the past. Stretching my traps helped and ibuprofen allowed me to get full workouts in w/o having to quit during warm up. I don't know by what mechanism it worked, but it did.
shawn 2009-04-29

Had this condition a few years ago. Doc said my left trap was inflamed, prescribed some anti-inflammatories, did some massage, condition went away. Now I hit my traps with a tennis ball and rub deep heat on them prior to workouts for blood flow.
Greg Everett 2009-04-30
Kenny - Bulletproof tiger, dude. IGx is pretty much my RSS feed (Thanks fellas). Better than the google machine.
JonGB 2009-05-06
Back squat - 225, 245x4
Power snatch + snatch - 70 x 2 sets; 80 x 2 sets; 90 x 3 sets
Clean pull - 185 x 3 x 3
Clean deadlift - 195 x 3 x 3
Weighted GHD sit-ups - 25 x 10, 35x10, 45x10
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