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Sunday May 3 2009
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Justin VanBeek 2009-05-03
Doing and 1 Day on / 1 Day Off schedule so max day fell on sunday

Snatch - 70%/80%/85%/90%/92.5%-- Failed 1X and then got the last attempt- so 213# for the day
- better but my max is still 20 # high than this... one week at a time

Full Clean (No Jerk)
- Same progression - Didnt feel this at all.. my timing is way off still and my 2nd pull power isnt back yet.. Stopped at 90%- 250#

Front Squat - Max - 5 sets Only
135 X3, 225 X2, 245X1, 265X1, 285X1... Getting closer to my old 305 max

Some posterior chain work and heavy shoulder pressing with DB's to finish up

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