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Monday May 4 2009
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tony young 2009-05-04
Nice shirt Nicki! And a great lift. For the rest of the world that can't see it the back of the shirt says "Elite Snatch" ;-)

Tony Young
CrossFit North Atlanta
Robb Wolf 2009-05-04
Elite Snatch...indeed...
Casey 2009-05-04
I'm not going to lie, it made my day when i woke up early this morning and saw Nicki sporting the Crossfit North Atlanta shirt. I had to do a double take on it at first sight.

Top notch site guys... keep up the great work!

Casey Mathias (Max)
Crossfit North Atlanta
Aimee 2009-05-04
I want one of those shirts!
shawn 2009-05-04
snatch 3x1 75kg
c&j 3x1 90kg
sn.pull 3x3 90kg
f.sqt 3x2 125kg

2000m row: 7:17
The Pie 2009-05-04
Hey Greg,
Did the guy you began training last summer for this years CrossFit games end up competing in the regionals this weekend?If so how did he do?

The Pie
CrossFit Lions
Greg Everett 2009-05-04
Pie -No, he wised up many months ago and shifted more to weightlifting rather than CF. I didn't argue.
Jonathan 2009-05-04
Snatch: 115 x1x3
C&J: 145 x1x3
Snatch Pull off 3" step: 225 x3 x3. Step was a little "flexy"; will not use it again for pulls, as it caved when I pulled. Worked fine for SLDL though.
SLDL: 285 x5 x3
FS: 190 x2 x4
HLR: 15, 12, 10
tony young 2009-05-08
Done! What size? tony@crossfitnorthatlanta.com

JonGB 2009-05-11
Snatch - 110 x 1 x 3
Clean & jerk - 140 x 1 x 3
Snatch pull of 3" riser - 125 (of snatch) x 3 x 3
Front squat - 190 x 2 x 4
Stiff-legged deadlift - 195 x 3 x 5 (add weight from last Mon)
Hanging leg raise - 3 x 15
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