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Tuesday May 5 2009
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  • Mid-hang muscle snatch - 75% x 3 x 3
  • Snatch balance + 2 overhead squats - 75% (of snatch) x 3 sets
For time:
500 m row
5 (1 Sandbag shoulder + 2 walking lunges)
2 rope climbs
10 sandbag power cleans
2 rope climbs
500 m row

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Kris 2009-05-05
neat photo!
Jonathan 2009-05-05
Mid Hang MS: 100 x3 x3
Sn Balance + 2 OHS: 95 x1; 115 x2
For Time: Modified to use the implements I have: 400m sprint + 5-80# Heavy Bag to Shoulder with 2 Walking Lunges between each shouldering + 8 Towel Pullups (of course the towel ripped in twain on the second rep and I used what I could) + 10-80# Heavy Bag Bear Hug Cleans to Shoulder + 8 Towel Pullups + 400m sprint: 7:28. Insane Greg, insane. But I love it!
shawn 2009-05-05
hg.pwr snatch 3x3 70kg
sn.balance + oh sqt. 3x1+2 75kg
snatch 6x1 70kg

5 kb clean & press 24kg
10 kipps
15 kb swing 24kg

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