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Friday May 8 2009
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mike senft 2009-05-08
wow - if I tried to title a video like that, I wouldn't get spoken to for a week!
Duke 2009-05-08
You guys have too much fun.
Dymmel 2009-05-08
Valentino, do some work.
SD_Mikey 2009-05-08
I want to see Aimee do a CrossFit video. Now that would be something. Maybe include some running, which I hear she's especially good at. Greg could play some NKOTB while Aimee's working out. ;-)
Warren Ruppart 2009-05-08
Wow. That's impressive. How much did that sandbag weigh?
Mike 2009-05-08
Good to see the guys working so hard.
Aimee 2009-05-08
Mikey- stay tuned. Grace is coming next week...

Warren- the sandbag was only about 45# for the lunges and 40# for the halfmoons.
mike 2009-05-10
"only" 45#?

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