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Saturday May 16 2009
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Jonathan 2009-05-16
Still unable to put anything of any weight overhead. Will continue rehabbing the shoulders.

FS: up to 235 x1
5 rounds for time: 50m sprint + 8 KPU: 3:31. These actually felt good on the delts!
Mike Haytack 2009-05-16
dig the shirts folks--i got one, i'll wear it w/ pride!
michael richardson 2009-05-17
Do you have the shirts at the gym?
Aimee 2009-05-17
Justin VanBeek 2009-05-18
Late post... did this one saturday

Full Snatch... Up to 92.5% (215#)
Worked up to and got 218.... tried 220 but missed out front... I'm having an issue shifting to my toes early on in the first pull and its putting me off during the second pull and I think its making me scoop too early and hitting the bar too low on my leg and causing it to kick out just enough to miss the lift.... more snatch deadlifts and heavy pulls maybe

Tried one I've never gotten before... OH squat bodyweight (185#) for 15 reps.... first ten were surprizingly easy but when I hit 13 then 14 and 15.. almost missed it but got it :)

OH Squat 185# X 15 reps
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