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Tuesday May 19 2009
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  • Power snatch - heavy single
  • Power clean & jerk - heavy single; if jerk fails first, keep going up to a heavy single power clean
4 rounds for time:
5 box jumps
10 kipping pull-ups
30 sec rest

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Andrew Makely 2009-05-19
I'm so beat!
pwr sn 170
pwr cln + jrk 220 (pathetic!)

metcon 4:30 35" box

no speed at all in lifts
shawn 2009-05-19
pwr.sn 85kg
pwr cln + jk 115kg

5 burpees
10 kb swing
15 box jump
5rds 30 sec. rest

Greg, I need to up my metcon work as i am prepping for the POPAT (police officers physical assessment test) basically 4 minutes of job related task hell, very anaerobic. I am confident i will pass, but still want to maintain my weightlifting as I still want to compete (have 2 meets coming up june.27/aug.22). some of the departments require a 1.5 mile run as well to be completed under 12 min. Even at my current weight (94kg), I can pass that as well. Any suggestions on applying this to the current training program would be great!

thx, shawn
Jonathan 2009-05-19
Power Snatch: 150, failed at 155. Still can't get my left shoulder working correctly.
Sn Grip High Pulls: 155 x3
Power Clean And Jerk: 205, cleaned 210 but missed the jerk.
4 rounds for time: 5-34" box Jumps + 10 KPU + 30 sec rest: 4:17
Greg Everett 2009-05-21
Shawn - Try dropping one of these WOD days (tues or thurs ideally - more of a tech day) and replacing it with a run and/or a ~4-6 min metCon.
martin 2009-05-21
Be true steve, be true.

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