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Friday May 22 2009
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Howard Wilcox 2009-05-21

That's a good video.

So, is that just a swiss ball? And how did you fill it?


Sifu Dias 2009-05-21
Sweet video...the odd object and sled dragging shit was way coolio.
Greg Everett 2009-05-21
Howard - Yes, just a swiss ball. I got the idea from Ross Enamait, and he had a way of filling it I don't recall. I just used a garden hose with an attachment that created a nice tight stream - I aimed it right into the air hole and pressed it tight against the ball. You have to hold it up a bit to create space for the water, and you'll also get some air in there in the process that you can just squeeze out later. I do recommend leaving a bit of air space, because then the water sloshes a bit.
Matt Wichlinski 2009-05-22
Odd objects are sweet, here's one on the cheap...

Tom Whalen 2009-05-22
What a great photo!
greg 2009-05-22
Matt -

Nice work. I'm going to make Steve put a few of those together for us.
michael richardson 2009-05-22
That waterball looks like some serious work!
Mike 2009-05-22
Great music! We might have to give the waterball a try.
IGX 2009-05-23
so you do squat with balls that aren't between your legs after all.
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