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Monday May 25 2009
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  • Snatch - heavy single; 85% of that x 1 x 5
  • Clean & jerk - heavy single; 85% of that x 1 x 4
  • Front squat - clean heavy single wt x 2 x 3
  • Plate twists - 3 x 30
  • Ab roll-outs - 3 x 15

Week 7

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shawn 2009-05-25
snatch 5x1 85kg
c&j 5x1 110kg
f.sqt 3x2 110kg

thrusters 60kg
wtd.kipps 10kg
30sec rest btwn rds
mama 2009-05-26
You are doing GREAT! Don't want to meet you in a dark alley!
Jonathan 2009-05-26
I'm a day behind, so...

Light Squat Cleans: 115 x2 x2; 135 x2 x2 (can't do anything overhead right now)
FS: 205 x2 x3
Plate Twists: 45 x30 x3
Ab Rollouts: 3 x15
Shrugs standing on Tom's abs: 10 x 135, 225, 315, 405, 495, 585, and then 8 x 695. He is preparing for more trucks to run over him. Crazy!
MOMMY 2009-05-29
is that one of the tires off my yukon?
Jeremy Stecker 2009-05-29
Whats the secret to posting pictures of girls like this on your site without them slitting you throat in the night?

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