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Wednesday May 27 2009
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Buck 2009-05-26
I think I posted this too late yesterday, so...

Greg- What is the recommended rest time between sets, and does the rest period change based on rep schemes? Thanks!
Andrew Makely 2009-05-27
I have a question for the powers that be-
I recently cut dairy and sugar from my diet. I still eat ezeckiel bread and the ocasionally slice other bread or patotoes. I have noticed a drop in energy that seems to be evening out, however my performance right now is pathetic. Is this normal in your opion for a massive diet change? It has been about four weeks and I have dropped about 6 pounds of fat(201 to 195). I seem to stay sore, I have cut a few days here and there to catch up but my body just doesn't seem to recover as quick as it normally does. Any thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks!
Greg Everett 2009-05-27
Buck - During warm-ups or more technique-oriented work, shorter rest periods are fine - 1-2 min or so. During strength lifts, 3-5 min is fine if needed. During heavy snatch/CJ, the basic protocol is to take as much time as you need to perform the next rep well. At times you'll want to keep the rest periods shorter (for example, when preparing for a meet), or if you're doing something like on the minute work.
Greg Everett 2009-05-27
Andrew - It can take a few weeks to really become fat-adapted... but that won't happen well if you're still doing ezekiel bread, potatoes, etc. If you have to eat that stuff, limit it as much as possible to maybe once/week, or do it post workout. The most common problem here is that people cut this stuff out of their diets and don't replace it with anything. Unless you're trying to lose weight, as opposed to simply improve body composition (or health, I suppose), you need to bump up your fat and protein intake to replace carbs you're dropping. Keep a food log for a week or two and make sure you're actually eating what you think you're eating - you may very well find you're not eating nearly enough. Then up the protein and fat and see how you feel.
shawn 2009-05-27
snatch 3x1 90kg
c&j 3x1 117 kg
squat 3x3 117kg
Jonathan 2009-05-27
Snatch Pull: 225 x3 x3
Clean DL: 315 x3, 405 x1, 435 x1
SLDL: 295 x5 x3
GHDSU: 45 x15 x3
4 rounds for time: 15 KPU + 30 sec plank (alternate sides): 3:42
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