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Wednesday June 3 2009
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Blair Lowe 2009-06-03
Nice stuff. Good to see, always.
Syn 2009-06-03
Excellent warm-up I tried out yesterday!!!
Cory 2009-06-03

As the WOD's have been changing and loads have been increasing I have noticed that I haven't been able to finish the sets/reps to the full extent. After the heavy single portion I really struggle go finish out the reps/sets. I am new to the o-lifts and am attributing the difficulty of the move with the increased load as a reason. I feel like I will eventually be able to finish a whole training session at the heavier loads as my body adapts.

I know you said it in an earlier post but what kind of training cycle are we on now and how many weeks are we in?

Thanks for site and all the great info!

Greg Everett 2009-06-03
Cory - This is tough training - give yourself time to get conditioned for it. For now, you need to play it by ear. If you hit your heavy single, and you can only do 1 or 2 back off sets following it, that's fine. This is week 8 of 10. You will likely feel a bit better next week, and the following week will be easier.
Cory 2009-06-04

Thanks for the advice...I started following your site the last week of the last cycle you completed and this will be the first full cycle I'll have completed.

I can tell a huge improvement in my overall conditioning and athletic ability. I drop the bar more than I hold it up but that's part of pushing yourself I guess...

once again thanks for the info
Joy 2009-06-08
Hi Greg,

I did this workout out this past Saturday. I posted videos to
I would love to have you leave a comment on them.

thanks in advance,
Greg Everett 2009-06-09
Joy - 1. Get lifting shoes.2. Snatch - biggest issue is that you're stiff arming the pull under (you're swinging the bar around yourself rather than pulling yourself under it). Bend the elbows and direct them to the sides to keep that bar moving right up your face as you pull under. Then flip the wrists over and push up overhead. 3. Clean - Don't push your ass back when you receive the bar - Sit into the squat (a real squat) - lifting shoes will help. Get your elbows around faster and sooner, and relax your hands - that bar needs to be on your shoulders, not in your hands and resting against your chest.4. Jerk - bar needs to be on your shoulders, not in your hands/arms - keep it racked throughout the entire dip/drive - don't let it roll down. Stay back on your heels and bend at the knees only - and think of pushing the bar back through your face rather than forward. Quicker elbows to get that lockout.
Joy 2009-06-10
That is a lot of useful information. I'll work on those suggestions over the next couple of weeks. If it's ok I'll send improved lifts in a month or so to see what you think.
Thanks for your time answering all this comments for people.
- Joy
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