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Tuesday June 16 2009
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dan 2009-06-15
what's boz's vert?
Greg Everett 2009-06-15
That jump was 33" with an approach, but he has more in him - that was following a deadlift workout.
Mike Haytack 2009-06-15
Greg thanks for clarifying, i was going to ask if that was a flat jump or with an approach...either way, great effort!
Kris 2009-06-16
Whoa! Boz has mad ups!
Robb Wolf 2009-06-16
So...white men (even Canadians) CAN jump?
Jake 2009-06-16
Anyone know where I can get a cheap one of those Vertec things?
Justin VanBeek 2009-06-16
Tall Clean.... Medium Single... 184 X 1

Power Clean + Push Press/Push Jerk OR Push Jerk/Split Jerk X2
Worked up to 247# with a Push Jerk/Split Jerk X2 Overhead

Clean Pulls 2X3 - 292

Front Squat 5X5 - Finish with 250 for 5

Short Circuit:
Inverted Rows X20, 10,10
Sledgehammer Swings 10 EA Side X 3

Simon 2009-06-16
Just new to the site and have a quick question not related to todays WOD. Can you clarify what you mean by : back squat- clean single wt x2x2
Greg Everett 2009-06-16
Simon - Use the weight you made it to on your heavy single clean for your squats.
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