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Tuesday July 28 2009
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cory 2009-07-28
What's a good substitution for the sand bag with the half moon?
Aimee 2009-07-28
a bumper plate
Jon 2009-07-28
When calculating max lifts or heavy singles, should we use competition standards? For example, if someone sticks a 150lb jerk, then later jerks 155 but presses it out at the end, is his or her max for the day 150 or 155? Thanks. (Same question for calculating 70 and 75% for today's workout.)
Greg Everett 2009-07-28
Jon - Pressout is not a legit lift, in or out of competition. Max would be 150.
Mary 2009-07-31
Aimee and Greg,
I love this pic, but I love you guys more!
Andrew O 2009-08-01
PS+S: 100
Snatch Balance: 110 (struggled with these, missed last rep on sets 2 and 4.
Nicklas Holmberg 2013-09-24
Is the kipping pull up ONLY kipping or could it be butterfly as well?
Steve Pan 2013-09-30
No butterfly kipping.
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