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Friday July 31 2009
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grambo 2009-07-31
Pufferfish breathing technique? :) Just joking...
Scott 2009-07-31
Hey Greg,
can you give me the numbers for the workout, I'd really like to try it.
Greg Everett 2009-07-31
3 rounds - 250 m rows; 9-7-5 reps power snatch (40% of max) and sandbag power clean (40% of BW)
Chandler Alford 2009-07-31
I did tomorrow's workout because I can't train tomorrow. I'm graduating from Georgia Tech so figured getting my diploma was more important than working out! However, had a crappy day. My best snatch is 129 and could only do 95, and my best clean is 170 but could only do 120. The entire workout, I felt fried, and I know it's because I was under-recovered from yesterday's workout. To make up for it, I did the met con and got 2:14 with a 2 pood KB and 50 lbs DB. My 45% is about 75 lbs DB, but the max we have at my gym is 50 lbs.
Nick 2009-07-31

I really enjoy your programming / website. Question, I am looking to order the sand bag and I realize it is from sandbag fitness systems, or I am assuming this. Which bag is it? Is it the advanced or the burly? I'm not entirely sure which one to order. Appreciate your input! Thanks.
Greg Everett 2009-08-01
Nick - They're all the same bags - ultimate sandbag. Burly is like the extra large size (holds up to 200 lbs). I would get a large (up to 160 lbs) - that should cover you for most things.
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