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Tuesday August 4 2009
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Mike Minium 2009-08-04
Strong work, Audge!
Christopher 2009-08-04
Pardon my ignorance, but where in the cycle is this week. I the info section it says Mondays will say something like "Week 1B2" but I noticed this week simply says "Week 4".

I have been programming myself for about a year and I have noticed a plateau, so I think I will try following these workouts for a shift in routine.

Have the book and love it! I will be getting the second edition simply for the updates...
Mike Minium 2009-08-04
How about a picture of Jenkins, too?!
Christopher 2009-08-04
Another question: What's too few or too many sets to work up to a "heavy single"? Does it differ depending what lift you are doing? If so, what is a target number of sets to work up to todays heavy single on the snatch balance?
Aimee 2009-08-04
Check the tomorrow link!!

when it says week 4 that means week 4 of the current cycle.
there isn't too many or too little sets. It does differ depending on what exercise you are doing. For example, I may take 10kg jumps in my back squat, 5 kilo jumps in my snatch, and only 2.5 kilo jumps in my press. There is no target # of singles. It is whatever it takes to conservatively get to that single. For example, I can snatch balance 90kg. So I may take the bar for 3, then 35 X 3, 45, X 1, 55 X 1, 65 X 1, 75 X 1, 80 X 1, 85 X 1, 88 X 1, 90 X 1.

I like smaller jumps. Someone else's snatch balance may be 110kg, and they may do something like this: bar X 3, 60 X 1, 80 X 1, 95 X 1, 105 X 1, 110 X 1

So I may take 9 sets to get to my heavy single, but Joe Blow may take only 5 sets. See? It is all about the person. There is no right or wrong way. Feel it out over the next couple weeks, and come up with jumps that feel comfortable for your abilities.

Christopher 2009-08-05
Thanks Aimee. That makes sense, I just wanted wanted to make sure there was not a recommend "target" number of steps. I like the fact that you said "whatever it takes to conservative get to that single", as I am more conscious now of injuries than I used to be - hitting 40 will do that to ya ;)

I am guessing that the current cycle is a strength cycle. Is it:

1st 4 week cycle: strength
2nd 4 week cycle: Bulgarian/technique
3rd 4 week cycle: strength
4th 4 week cycle: Bulgarian/technique

Not that it matters much as I jumping in now anyways...
Andrew 2009-08-05
As Rx'ed
Snatch: 110#
Snatch Balance: 130#

Did the metcon from Sunday w/ 1.5 pood KB and 25# DBs (all I have): 2:01.
Christopher 2009-08-18
{started with yesterdays mostly}

84% back squatx2x5: 3x185,2x190
78% Push pressx3x5: 2x130,3x135
98% snatch pull3x4: 4x125
weighted situp
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