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Thursday August 6 2009
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  • Clean & jerk - 75% x 2 x 2; 80% x 1 x 2
  • Muscle snatch - heavy single
3 rounds for time:
20 double unders
20 kipping pull-ups

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Christopher 2009-08-06
I would be interested if folks posted their muscle snatch vs. regular snatch ratio. Is this different for everyone or should your muscle snatch be x% of your best snatch? Or is it more related to pressing strength?
Jon 2009-08-06

I just started focusing on Oly lifting after almost two years of CrossFitting, and last week did my first and only heavy single for muscle snatch. 100lbs. My max snatch is 58kg (127.6lbs), but it was a power snatch. I haven't developed the confidence and speed yet to get under a heavy weight. Point being, I hope that helps, but mine certainly isn't the only ratio you should go by.

Also, from what I understand, muscle snatches have nothing whatsoever to do with pressing strength, but everything to do with turnover speed. If you press it out at the end, it's a snatch-grip press, not a muscle snatch.
Christopher 2009-08-06
Thanks Jon - that makes sense about it not being that related to pressing strength. I stopped at 110 today and my best snatch is 135, so I am right in line with your results. Although, I might have been good for more, This is my first week on this program and I am used to a rest day between every work day. I was sore today!

Andrew 2009-08-07
C&J: 140x2x2, 150x1x2
Muscle Snatch: 120, tried 125, but wound up pressing it a bit.
Metcon: Scaled and subbed: 3 rds of 20 box jumps, 15 pullups: 6:25

I'm starting to really feel stronger, expecially my day-over-day capacity for variou kinds of squats.

Thank you!
Christopher 2009-08-18

75% C&Jx2x2, 80%x1x2: 125,135
muscle snatch heavy single: 110
81% front squatx2x3:165,175,175

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