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Wednesday August 12 2009
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Peter Haas 2009-08-12
Just wanted to report back from my first meet this past weekend.

SN:90(dq),95(f), 95
Jerk: 105, 110, 116(f)

Overall pretty happy with the way things went for my first meet. With the help of Greg's book and the assistance of the organizer, I learned how to time my warmups to match my opening lifts. I also made a very rookie mistake and dropped my first snatch before the down signal (won't ever do that again). After seeing some guys put up some heavy weights, I'm more inspired now to get back to training and get my lifts up.

Thank you Greg for maintaining such a quality site and publishing such a quality journal. I'll be hanging in for the rest of the year and on into 2010.
Peter Haas 2009-08-12

I weighed in at 81kg at the meet. I've decided to get up to 85kg as opposed to dropping down to 77. I'm pretty good on the nutrition aspect, but wanted to get your input on training. Should I stick with the PMenu WODs or should I switch to the mass (a)gain template in your book? Thanks.
Greg Everett 2009-08-13
Peter - I would try the mass gain thing for a single cycle, then switch back to the wod - drop the conditioning if you're doing it.
Andrew 2009-08-13
FS: 185
SB: 110
PC: 140

Everything but the last set of snatch balances was very smooth.
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