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Monday August 17 2009
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Andrew 2009-08-17
How many reps for the metcon?
Justin VanBeek 2009-08-17
Snatch Work Today...

Tall Snatch... Just worked up to Greens

Full Snatch...
50%X3 (Muscle, Power, Full) - 115
60%X2 (Power, Full) - 140
70%X1 - 164
80%X1- 187
85%X1- 198
90%X1- 208
.... All of them felt good.... No misses

OH Squat Max... Havent dont this forever... PR is 300
154, 198, 220, 242, 264, Missed 284... Got greedy :)

Weighted Pull Ups (45#) - 2 sets Max Reps - 5, 4
GH Raises 3X7

Short Metcon.... Tabata Slams
- 6 RDS... Average 15-17 per round
Christopher 2009-08-18
{started with last weeks Monday modified until I confirm lower back is good}

87% back squatx2x3: 185x3reps, 185x3reps, 195x3reps (went light and fealt good going for 3 reps)
80% push pressx3x3: 135,140,140
100% snatch pullx3x3 95,105,115 (lite - sprain was all but unnoticable)
L-sit pull upsx3 (for abs & back) x5,x4,x4

Andrew 2009-08-19
Snatch: 125
C&J: 170
Back Squat: 221
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