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Monday August 31 2009
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toomuch 2009-08-30
greg, thank u for all the help.i know i asked this b4, but want to make sure,its one power snatch then2full snatchs=1rep is that right? thank u
Greg Everett 2009-08-30
1 power snatch + 2 snatches = 1 set
Zach 2009-08-30
I'm planning to start the program this week, and was wondering if this is the right spot. The Monday notation doesn't match the 'Info' section notation. Is this a new program or a new cycle?
Greg Everett 2009-08-30
This is the first week of a 12-week cycle.
Andrew 2009-08-30

What kind of cycle is this compared to the last one? These are some great WODs.

Thank you,
Greg Everett 2009-08-30
This will be a considerably higher volume strength cycle than most I've done here before, but like all of them will by the end transition to heavy snatching and clean & jerking.
Andrew O 2009-08-30
Thanks Greg, it sounds great!


Andrew Makely 2009-08-31
Dumb question, whats a v-up? Didnt see it in the exercise section
Andrew 2009-08-31
OK I'm a moron, figured it out.
Zach S 2009-08-31
I am masters age(36) does the WOD apply to a lifter my age--I have been following the beginners routine outlined in your book.Recovery has been an issue last 2 years.
Greg Everett 2009-08-31
Zach - If recovery is an issue, this cycle will probably too much for you. If you go back in the archives and find the start of an older cycle (look for a Monday with an S1w1, strength week 1 or similar), those cycles will be considerably lower volume and may work for you. You still may find you need to drop some sets here and there.
Cory 2009-08-31
yeah this one is pretty tough but I love it!
Christopher 2009-08-31
PS: 85x2,91x1,95x1
Jerk: 115x4 {scaled - form is off}
CPull: 150x4
BS: 135x8,145x8,155x6,170x5,165x5

not sure I have anything left for tomorrow.
Andrew 2009-08-31
Power Snatch + 2xSnatch: 95x2, 101x3
Jerk: 140x2, 150x3
Clean Pull: 185x4
Back Squat: 156, 170, 185 (BW), 195x2
and v-ups

Most happy with the back squat. I feel like I am finally getting this lift.

Tomorrow might be a little rough. We'll see...

Chris Bullard 2009-08-31
Is the percentage on the Power Snatch/Snatch Combo supposed to be a percentage of the Power Snatch or the Snatch. I did it off the Snatch...tough.
Greg Everett 2009-08-31
Percent is of snatch
Eric Egan 2009-08-31
this was my first ever CA WOD and i am very impressed.
Eric Egan 2009-08-31
Power Snatch + 2xSnatch: 80x2, 90x3
Jerk: 125x2, 130x3
Clean Pull: 155x4
Back Squat: 155, 165, 180 , 190x2
v-ups: 3x15
Jody Woodland 2009-09-01
PSN+2SN: 115#x2, 125#x3
JK: 155#x3x2, 165#x3x3
CL pull: 205#x7x4
BS: 225#x8, 240#x8, 255#x6, 275#x6x2
V-up: 3x15
Brett 2009-09-01
Power snatch + 2 snatch - 120 x 2; 130 x 3
Jerk - 170 x 3 x 2; 185 x 3 x 3
Clean pull - 220 x 7 x 4
Back squat - 200 x 8; 220 x 8; 235 x 6; 250 x 6 x 2
V-ups - 3 x 15

Having to workout late after running the evening CF classes hurts!
Chris Bullard 2009-09-02
PS+2S = 146x2/156x3
Jerk = 185x3x2/200x3x3
Clean Pull = 235x7x4
BS = 205x8/225x8/235x6/245x6x2

5 rounds
95# Power Snatch x15
400m run
Brent 2009-09-04
PS+2S - 125x2, 125x3
Jerk - 172x3x2, 185x3x3
Clean pull - 225x7x4
Back Squat - 196x8, 215x8, 230x6, 245x6x2
V-ups 3x15
Grant 2012-03-19
Hey Greg, in your section, "about the program". It says that it goes loading/sets/reps, so is tht correct with this program cos tht would mean for the back Squats it's 6 sets of 2 at the end, so a total of 8 sets, I'm guessing it means 2 sets of 6 reps to make 5 sets total on back squat.
Steve Pan 2012-03-19
Grant -
It is 2 sets of 6 reps at 75% for those last sets.
It will always be loading X reps X sets or if there is no load specified it will just be sets then reps.
Jordan 2013-04-17
Hi Greg,

I'm about a week into this program so far and loving it. I was wondering though what sort of rest periods you would recommend? My coach said as a rough guide use 60 second rests for lighter weights, and 2mins for heavier (anything north of 75-80%). Would that be a safe bet?

Steve Pan 2013-04-18
Jordan -

A few minutes between sets should be good. Make sure you are rested enough to make good lifts and keep things sharp, but don't rest so long where you are getting cold. You can take longer rests on squats to recover between sets if needed.
jackson 2013-08-19
When it says somewhere 80% x1 x2 is that 1 set 2 reps? Or 1 rep 2 sets?
Steve Pan 2013-08-21
Jackson -

That is 80% for 2 sets of 1 rep. Check the Program Help section for more information on notation.
Brett 2015-06-30
PS: up to 85x3
Jerk: 105 3x3
Clean Pulls: 135
B Squat: up to 150
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