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Tuesday September 1 2009
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Eric Egan 2009-09-01
are the Snatch balance %`s based off of how much we can snatch or Snatch balance?
Christopher 2009-09-01
PC+2clean: 110x2,120x3
snbal: 80x2,85x1,90x1,95x1
pp: 125x5x3,125x4x2

Went in thinking I would have to scale but only ended up dropping the last rep off the last two PP's.
Greg Everett 2009-09-01
Eric -

either one since they should be pretty similar. If your snatch balance is more than your snatch, base the percentage off that.
Brett 2009-09-02
Power clean + 2 clean - 160 x 2 sets; 170 x 3 sets

Snatch balance - 110 x 3 x 2; 120 x 3, 130 x 3 x 2

Push press - 135 x 5 x 5

Metcon: 3:56
Chris Bullard 2009-09-02
Powsr Clean+2 Clean = 95/135/179x2/194x3

Snatch Balance = 95x3/135x3x2/145x3/160x3x2

Push Press = 95x5/135x5/165x5x5
Andrew 2009-09-02
Power Clean + 2xClean - 135, 145
Snatch Balance - 87, 95, 101
Push Press - 125

Metcon - 6:32. I was gassed after the second run, turns out it was more like 200m.

Brent 2009-09-04
PC+2C - 160x2, 170x3
SB - 135x3x2, 142x3, 160x3x2
PP - 161x5x5
Metcon (CTB PUs) 5:36
Mark Gleason 2009-09-11
PC+2C 125x2;135x3
SB 75x3x2;80x3x2;90x3x2
PP ?x5x5

Started a day late on the cycle and wrote no.'s on scraps of paper and just now sorting through them and recording.
Great cycle Greg, thanks.
Moocha 2012-08-30
At the Power clean + 2 clean, is the % based on powerclean or clean 1RM?

Thank you
Steve Pan 2012-09-03
It will be off of your best power clean.
dan 2014-03-19
is the push press based off your max jerk?
Steve Pan 2014-03-19
Dan -

% will be based off of your best push press. If you don't have a max push press you will have to feel out an appropriate weight.
Brett 2015-06-30
PC+ 2C: up to 115 x3
Snatch Balance: up to 90 x3x2
Push press: 95 5x5
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