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Wednesday September 2 2009
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Brett 2009-09-02
For something like muscle snatch that I havn't yet found a max for, should I estimate a max and just make sure the weights I use are managable?
Greg Everett 2009-09-02
Brett - Generally yes, but just go ahead and do a max MS today to get a baseline. Then do the sets following that.
Andrew 2009-09-02
Muscle Snatch: 87, 95, 101
3-Position Clean: 135, 145
Clean Deadlifts: 205
Front Squats: 141, 155, 165, 176, 165

Brett 2009-09-03
Muscle snatch - 85 x 5; 95 x 4; 100 x 3 x 2

3-position clean - 160 x 2 sets; 170 x 3 sets

Clean deadlift - 245 x 7 x 4

Front squat - 160 x 8; 170 x 6; 185 x 5; 200 x 5

Brent 2009-09-04
MS - 115x5, 125x4, 134x3x2
#3C - 159x2, 172x3
Clean DL - 245x7x4
FSquat - 165x8, 179x6, 195x5, 210x3, 195x5
Weighted GHsitups - 80x3x10 (20lb vest, 60 lb sandbag)
20 lb ringdips 3x8
Christopher 2009-09-05
rest (work)
Mark Gleason 2009-09-11
MS 95x5;4x105;2x115;2x125;2x130
3 POSI CL 95;135;155;160;165
CL DL 4x225;4x255...
Christopher S 2013-07-03
When it says 2sets do they really mean reps? Also if none is stated and it only says 65%x5 is that reps?
Steve Pan 2013-07-05
It says sets for the 3-position cleans. A 3-position clean will count as a single set. For the Muscle snatches that will be the reps for each of those sets. So 5 reps at 65%, 4 reps at 65%, and 2 sets of 3 reps at 70%.

Check the about the program section at the left for information on the notation.
Brett 2015-07-02
Muscle Snatch: up to 70 x3x2
3 pos. clean: up to 110 x3
Clean deads: 155 x7x4
Front Squat: up to 135 x3
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