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Thursday September 3 2009
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Justin VanBeek 2009-09-03
My training is getting really sparadic... spelling?? ha

Clean and Jerk... 2RM
154, 198, 218, 228, 238

Front Squat
5 - 185, 4-225, 3- 245, 2- 260

Gh Raises, L Sit Holds, and Lat Pulldown (Change of Pace
10 , 8 , 6 on each except the holds 15 secs
Christopher 2009-09-05
[did yesterdays]

ms: 70,75,85
3pc: 105x1,110x1,115x3
cdead: 165x4
fs: 135x5,135x6,145x5,155x3,145x5

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