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Friday September 4 2009
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Richard Vanmeerbeek 2009-09-03
Go Jamie !
Brent 2009-09-04
3position snatch-125x2, 135x3
Snatch pull-172x7x4
Snatch pushpress-135x5x3, 145x5x2

Metcon: 3 rounds of 10 strict burpees & 20 swings (a la 09 CFGames standard) @1.5 pood in 5:01.
Andrew 2009-09-04
3-pos Snatch - 90, 95
Snatch Pull - 135
Snatch Push Press - 100, 106

Metcon as Rx'ed: 5:40 w/ 1.5 pood
Christopher 2009-09-05
rest {family interupt}
Brett 2009-09-06
3-position Snatch - 120 x 2 sets; 130 x 3 sets
Snatch pull - 165 x 7 x 4
Snatch push press - 130 x 5 x 3; 140 x 5 x 2

Metcon - 3:22 w/ 1.5 pood
Michael 2009-09-07

Metcon-3:56 with a 53lb kettlebell.
Mark Gleason 2009-09-11
3 POSI SN 2x55;2x65;3x85...
SN PULL 7x105;7x125..
SN PP 5x65;5x95;5x105;5x115;5x125
Chris S 2013-07-02
Quick question when it says 5x3 is that 5sets of 3reps or 5reps then another 3reps? Also when it says 3sets of 65% what are the rep amounts?
Steve Pan 2013-07-02
Chris -

Check the program info section to the right. If there is a percentage at the front it will be reps then sets. So 65%x3x5 would be 5 sets of 3 at 65%.

For the 3 sets of 3 positions cleans that means perform a 3-position clean for 3 separate sets. A 3-position clean will be from mid thigh, at the knee, and from the ground.
RM 2014-03-30
is the % of the snatch push press from my snatch push press max?
Steve Pan 2014-03-31
RM -

Yes. If you don't have a snatch push press max you will have to feel out a weight.
Brett 2015-07-04
Snatch: up to 85 x3
Pulls: 110 x7x4
Snatch Push Press: 95 x5x5
Metcon: 4:00
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