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Saturday September 5 2009
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toomuch 2009-09-05
greg,i was wondering for back squat what is better to train o-lifts and build strength high bar or low bar?thank you
Rob 2009-09-05
High bar is usually the squat of choice for Oly lifting
Aimee 2009-09-05

we never low bar back squat in our gym or in our programming. We always just squat.
Greg Everett 2009-09-05
What's a low-bar back squat?
toomuch 2009-09-05
greg,low bar is the position of bar on the back,didnt know which i should do.thank you
Greg Everett 2009-09-05
I was kidding. I unfortunately know very well what a low bar back squat is.
toomuch 2009-09-05
after i wrote that,i thought u were,well i feel like a ass lol,but thank u for all your help.loving the workouts
ken c 2009-09-06
snatch 195 pr.
c & j 240 ties pr.
failed on the jerk at 245x3.
power clean 245 pr.
Brett 2009-09-06
Snatch - 130 x 3; 140 x 2; 150 x 1 x 2; 140 x 1; 150 x 1
Clean & jerk - 170 x 3; 185 x 2; 195 x 1 x 2; 185 x 1; 195 x 1
Snatch shrug - 195 x 8 x 5
Back squat - 200 x 6; 215 x 6; 235 x 6; 250 x 4 x 2
Brent 2009-09-06
Snatch - 135x3, 145x2, 155x1x2, 145x1, 155x1
C&J- 175x3, 185x2, 196x1x2, 185x1, 196x1
Snatch shrug - 201x8x5
Back Squat - 196x6, 212x6, 228x6, 245x4x2
Ab wheel - 3x15
Christopher 2009-09-07
[brought in a couple of elements from Fri due to miss workout]

sn: 95,100,105
c&j: 115,125,135
snpushpress: 95x1, 100x2
sshrug: 135x5x2
bs: 135,145,160,170
Andrew 2009-09-07
Snatch: 101, 110, 115, 110, 115
C&J: 140, 150, 160, 150, 160
Snatch Shrug: 155
Back Squat: 156, 170, 185, 200, 200
Brett 2015-07-04
Snatch: up to 95, then downset at 90
Clean and Jerk: up to 120x3, then downset at 115
Snatch shrugs: 115x8x5
Back Squat: up to 164x4x2
Ab wheel, 2x15 with a bar and plates.. no ab wheel in the gym man..
Steve Pan 2015-07-06
Brett -

Ab rollouts with a bar should be a fine substitute if you don't have access to an ab wheel.
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