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Sunday September 6 2009
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Dutch 2009-09-06
Thank you Mang for the excellent article.
Christopher 2009-09-06

Today my lower back muscles are telling me to take an additional day off (I am 40 ;). Not that I expected it, but that is where I am really feeling this volume.

Any recommendation as to what to do tomorrow to replace the snatch work and clean pull? I was thinking maybe an incline press, or more snatch push presses. Not sure what to do with the clean pull (possibly even an upright row or is that just too different)?
Greg Everett 2009-09-06
Christopher - Why don't you do power snatches from the high-hang for doubles - keep it light enough to not aggravate your back, but let your back do a little bit of work. If it's feeling OK after back squats, throw in a few sets of clean shrugs instead of pulls (take off blocks from mid-thigh or higher), and use as little weight as you need to.
Brent 2009-09-06
Question: are we supposed to be using straps for the multiple-rep snatches, unless otherwise noted? Saw that you use them in several of the demo videos (inc 3-position snatch). I have not been using them up to this point, and actually did a little damage to something in my palm during Friday's 3-p snatches. When it was still bothering me this morning, I began doing some grip rehab work and icing, but any info you may have on this kind of injury would be appreciated.
Greg Everett 2009-09-06
You can use straps for any of the pulling exercises, but I would not recommend using them for cleans because they will prevent a proper rack position, and there is more of an injury risk with misses.
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