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Thursday September 10 2009
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Justin 2009-09-09
man...night ranger never sounded so badass. who knew?
love these videos.
matt 2009-09-10
what is that good morning squat exercise near the end of the video?
Greg Everett 2009-09-10
A good morning squat.
saulj 2009-09-10
Awesome video! I had to slo mo when Aimee did that snatch from the boxes in the beginning, amazing speed.
Júlíus Guđjón Magnússon 2009-09-10
"Collected Training" days are good days.
Justin VanBeek 2009-09-10
Starting my slight change over to Xfit Games Training next summer

Tall Clean... Medium single... Worked up to 210#

Rack Jerk... 1EA Leg
154, 184, 208, 220, 230, 242, 252... Stopped there..

Short Heavy Metcon
Deadlift 308# X 5
Jumping Muscle Ups X10
AMAP in 5 mins... Got 3RDS + 5 DL + 7 Muscle Ups..
Ryan P 2009-09-10
love the t-shirt Jolie, thanks!!
Brian PCF 2009-09-11
That is a nice t-shirt....

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